Case Studies

Throughout my professional career I have acquired knowledge which has helped me carry out a holistic approach. Whilst for many patients, treatments focused solely on their pain will be successful, for others this may not be the case. This is because very often the underlying cause of the condition or problem may not be local to where the symptoms or pain are present.

This is where a holistic approach is beneficial as it allows for all avenues (such as posture, joint mobility and pattern movements) to be fully considered in order to relieve the pain effectively. Take a look at some case studies below.

Pain during sex

Pain During Sex

A 28-year-old female, shop manager who practiced a lot of sports like swimming, running, weight training and skating, consulted me for deep dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) which she had had…
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Physiotherapy for back pain

Back Pain

A 44-year-old male office worker visited the clinic with pain in his left lower back. He explained that his hobby was weight training in the gym and that his back…
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