Yolanda Royan Pardo

Musculoskeletal & Women's Health Physiotherapist

Ever since I was little, I have been passionate about the human body and helping others so I chose to study physiotherapy because I wanted a profession where I could do just that. I completed my degree in physiotherapy in 2006 and occupational therapy in 2009 at the University of Vic, Barcelona, and achieved a postgraduate degree in pelvic floor rehabilitation and Hypopressive Technique from Gimbernat University in Barcelona, 2015. I worked in the National Health Service and in private practice in Spain for 9 years before moving to the UK.

My interest in the pelvic floor came when I first became a physical therapist. I myself had suffered from pelvic dysfunctions since adolescence, living with them in silence as I believed them to be normal. As I later discovered, there was a solution and did not need to endure them any longer and neither did anyone else.

With my experience in physiotherapy practice and post-graduate training in women’s health I have acquired a strong knowledge in pelvic floor rehabilitation, incontinence and prolapse, pelvic pain, PGP, SPD and lower back pain during pregnancy. I also specialises in abdominal reconditioning, diastasis recti and sexual dysfunctions.

I am dedicated to physical therapy for the re-education of the pelvic floor, abdomen and posture using manual therapies with a holistic vision of the body. By taking into account the history that accompanies patients as well as their emotional, social and environmental factors we are able to better understand what is happening at a physiological level and can provide the best treatment.

Alongside my main areas of interest, and due to the varied pathologies I have encountered in private practice in London, I am also able to provide treatment for issues such as chronic lower back pain, post-surgery rehabilitation, neck and shoulder pain, sports physiotherapy as well as Clinical Pilates.

Yolanda Royan Pardon - MSK Physiotherapist

Through preventative or therapeutic sessions, I accompany you on the path to a better quality of life. The pelvis is one of the entrance doors of the Earth’s energy, a creative and experiential motor that is a source of joy when it is well and of unhappiness when it is not cared for.

I love learning and with every training course I have completed I am compelled to do another. My training has taught me the need and importance of integrating this area, which is so often seen as isolated and independent, with the whole of the body, both in knowledge and treatment. Through my extensive training I have been able to expand my knowledge giving me more tools to treat problems related to the pelvic floor from different perspectives.

I continue to believe that there is more to be learnt about the pelvic floor and endeavour to expand my knowledge surrounding it. By continuing to expand my knowledge, the depth of my ability to help others increases.

Yolanda Royan Pardo