Vaginismus is the impossibility of vaginal penetration such as the insertion of a finger or tampon or during intercourse.

There is a spasm of the pubovaginal and often perineal muscles. In many cases the vagina is normal and spasm only occurs in a situation of excitement.

There are two types of Vaginismus

  • Primary Vaginismus: Women have always suffered from it, where the causes can be very diverse from psycho-emotional to organic.
  • Secondary vaginismus: the woman suffers from a certain moment, either after giving birth, after surgery, due to direct trauma, due to a traumatic event such as the death of a loved one, abuse.


The treatment of vaginismus with physiotherapy begins with sexual and anatomical education, with an approach from external structures such as the pelvis and vulva until reaching intracavitary treatment. The physiotherapist must avoid manipulations that cause pain, since the pain will cause spasm at the vulvar and vaginal level, which will prevent the evolution of the treatment.

The objective is to achieve muscle relaxation at the abdominoperineal level with myofascial techniques, external and intracavitary manual therapy, progressive vaginal dilators and negative biofeedback until the correction of these involuntary muscle contractions. We are also looking for good pelvic mobility to eliminate any joint blockage that may affect this musculature.

As we progress through the stages of treatment, the patient will also receive different guidelines for how to continue with treatment at home.